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Продажа Cup antique beer from Germany/Кубок антикварный пивной из Герм


The Cup of beer from Germany was found near the border with the Karlovy vary Varr, (presumably the name of the customer Cup is depicted at the bottom of a Hertz). Cup handmade on the subject of hunting, was made in 1840 to 1860, Кубок пивной из Германии…
Спорт, отдых, увлеченияАнтиквариат, коллекции
Продается Картина ручной работы вышитая по технике гладь


Handmade painting (family heirloom) embroidered on the technique of the old school (pre-revolutionary) stitch, size 121 75 cm, first half of the 20th century (until 1940). The threads used in the embroidery of this pattern were produced in the 18th and 19th…
Спорт, отдых, увлеченияАнтиквариат, коллекции

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